Corporate Law

M Carroll work in the field is much diversified. Our corporate practice has several principal groups:

Corporate formation and re-organization - establishment of companies, assessment of the legal status of enterprises and verification of their compliance with the applicable provisions of corporate law, licensing and restructuring transactions and bankruptcy issues; Consulting privatization investment funds in the process of incorporation and restructuring; Consulting on incorporation and reorganization of various companies - all types provided by the Bulgarian law; Restructuring of Bulgarian industrial state-owned and private companies; Legal assistance for incorporation and license establishment of an insurance company; Preparing the relevant documentation for license application of an open end investment fund; Incorporation of computer and software companies; Acquisitions, mergers and takeovers - domestic acquisition transactions, negotiated transactions and hostile takeovers.

Corporate management and governance - issues related to internal rules and procedures, management arrangements and determination of the scope of powers granted to management, performance guarantees of management, etc. We work out relations among shareholders, including rights of first refusal, undertaking of diverse obligations, protection of minority shareholders. We have participated in negotiations and hostile enforcement of shareholders rights; Work out of internal rules of procedures of various companies; Shareholders' agreements; Litigation on enforcement of shareholders rights; Participation in general assembly meetings, meeting of boards of directors, etc.

Corporate advisory services - filings with relevant administrative authorities, review of shareholders' register and agreements, appointment of managers and auditors, put and call options, preparation and filing of commitment memoranda with authorities to effect share transfer agreements, assistance in negotiations among eventual shareholders.