We have consulted both local and international investors on a number of cash privatization deals. The privatization process is a complex one and it comprises nearly all spheres of the legal practice. The wide range of qualifications of our team members is of utmost importance for the high quality of our services. Our engagements in the field cover a wide cross section of industries ranging from textile, food processing and tourism to heavy industry, miming and metal processing. The projects in this area treat issues as: Consulting and obtaining of concessions Venture capital financing and foreign investments Post privatization taxes, post privatization appeal of tax obligations of privatized enterprises, post privatization appeal of transfer agreements Bankruptcy and debt to equity swaps Public offering of shares to be privatized Voucher privatization Projects in the field include: Privatization of a major industrial building and reconstruction enterprise; a number of techniques have been applied for several packages of shares - voucher privatization, management buy out and a debt to equity swap for a package of 30% belonging to a state owned holding company; Due-diligence, determination of the legal status and bringing pieces of municipal property and companies to public; Due-diligence of a municipal company with a vast range of real estate assets; Due diligence of an enterprise for tile production and other ceramic elements; Representation of an investor in a post-privatization lawsuit concerning the performance of the sale contract by the state; and a successful lawsuit for the appeal of tax obligations of a privatized company; Due-diligence of a one-person joint stock company, municipal property; Due-diligence and proposing a strategy for the privatization of a large seaside resort by a foreign investor.