Being successful in every part of life means complying with the law. We propose you the best decision for your specific situation and offer legal services for your business in Bulgaria.

We find the shortest legal way to obtain the permissions, licenses, and other official documents you need.

We help you with the preparation of all the documents, contracts, annexes, refusals, offers ect. that you needed in your business relations.

We give you competent consultation regarding your legal opportunities in a future trial before the Court.

When your rights have been infringed and when all possibilities of voluntary arrangements have been tried out, we organize and implement juridical representation for you before the Court or Arbitrage to defend your interests in a definitive manner.

We offer you the following legal services:

On-going/monthly/ juridical assistance for trading companies or non-profit organizations;

Juridical analyses;


Express juridical consultations;

Juridical assistance in commercial cases;

Realisation of Privatisation, Concessions deals and other big-scale projects;

Juridical defence and representation before the Court;

Industrial property services - marks, geography points, productive design, inventions, utility models and also representation in the Patent Office.